Thursday, April 10, 2008

Studying Up

The last time I took a test was probably 1.75 years ago, when I declared my residency in California and had to take a test with the CA DMV to get my California License. I am now studying up again. Ryan and I are going to rent Vespas, and they require you to have your motorcycle permit (you don't have to take the road test or have a full fledged license to rent the Vepsas, but if you want to own a Vespa, I will have to take the road test within a year). I have read through the Motorcycle Handbook this morning and think I will go in to the DMV next week to take the written test. Check out the handbook if you are interested (or would like to help me study, hehe).

PS As I learned in my handbook, you MUST wear a helmet (so this picture does show two individuals breaking the law, but I still liked it)

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