Friday, April 4, 2008

I love Obento

I was looking around on a few veggie websites and I ran across this one. I didn't know what 'bento' was, but thought the pictures looked cool so looked into it more. It is super cool:

An Extremely Brief History of Bento

Bento was really the first Japanese take out food. Of course it has a long and illustrious history because for centuries people have been needing to eat away from home. It was probably prompted at first by working too far from home to sup at their own table (I know…I’m brilliant). The term feudalism is used in describing the Kamakura period to which the bento can be traced. So instead of working on their own farmland, people were probably forced to work for others on land not near their homes.

As is customary with the Japanese, beauty, economy and great care were all intertwined in the bento. It has gone through many changes throughout the centuries. Bento containers have changed drastically over the years from their humble beginnings of small bags or bamboo leaves to the beautiful lacquered and wooden boxes of today. I believe the actual food artistry of the bento is an emerging cultural art form in our present day.

There are lots of super cool bags, boxes, etc on their site. Check it out!!

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