Tuesday, May 3, 2016

REVIEW: Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport™

If you follow many (or any) of the #RockNBlog crew then you have probably scrolled through your fair share of these #EagleCreekGear reviews... And, well, here's another ;)

You see, not only do we get access to Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series races as a Rock 'N' Blogger, but we also get some other amazing perks, one of which is being able to test out gear and spread the word to our friends/ family/ followers.

Eagle Creek was kind enough to send the team THREE awesome products from the Pack-It Sport™line - the Fitness Locker, the Shoe Locker and the Roll Top Sac - all in BANGIN' Strobe Yellow {you know I love me some bright colors!}.

Below is a video of me with the spifferific products. (For someone who isn't super comfortable with video you just can't get me to shut up, huh?!)

What I failed to mention in the video is that we've already been using these products in our household for quite a while now. Eagle Creek has offices above where the hubby works so we are very familiar with their gear. Ryan uses a Fitness Locker to cart his running and climbing gear to and from work and the gym. He also uses a Roll Top Sac as a way to keep all of his work camera gear (like lenses and such) together. Both of those products went with him to the desert this past weekend when he joined friends on a camping/ rock climbing adventure. We also have a Pack-It Folder, another Roll Top Sac and a TravelLite™ Towel among other products.

So, as you can see, not only are these products PERFECTION when it comes to racecations, but they are handy and dandy in your every day life as well! They are convenient for runners, travelers and your average Joe-Shmoe alike ;)

If you're interested in checking out these products or others that Eagle Creek offers (like I said, we already own quite a few), make sure to visit their website and check out their bags, packs, luggage, organizers and travel accessories! With their guarantees on their products, you will NOT be disappointed!

And I truly hope to see you at a Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Series race in the near future! If you have yet to register, use "CARLEEMCDOT" on most of the races to save a little dough (and put it towards that Eagle Creek order).

How do you pack your race day gear?


KookyRunner said...

I'm very old school and just use a plastic bag (like from the grocery store or drug store) to hold my sneakers and dirty clothes after a race - But it's probably time for me to upgrade, LOL. Thanks for the review!

SD Mom said...

I would say you are pretty darn good at video! :-)

Unknown said...

You did great! You should do more video reviews!! I really need to get the Roll Top Sac so our car doesn't have to suffer after races.....

P.T. said...

Hi! For the Fitness Locker, did you have a Large or regular size? I see that Eagle Creek has 2 sizes and not sure which one you featured.

Carlee McDot said...

PT: We received the standard size (I linked to the website if you click on "Fitness Locker").

Unknown said...

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