Friday, May 20, 2016

Getting It Done

We all have those days that we don't want to do our workout. Whether it's because we got a crappy night of sleep or because we have been going non-stop all day, we'd rather push it to another day. Don't get me wrong, we definitely need to listen to our bodies (especially if an injury or sickness could be knocking at your door), but pushing through, even when we don't feel like it, will often make you a stronger runner (both physically and mentally) come race day.

Since I knew my alarm(s) would go off at zero dark thirty this morning and I'd probably be a little flustered trying to get everything together, I did my best to get it all ready last night. Laid out a #FlatCarlee, got all my fuel together (my BASE Bar for breakfast beforehand and my BOLT Chews for during the run) and double checked to make sure my alarms were good to go.

It's always a great idea to throw a couple bucks in, just in case you need to buy
an electrolyte drink or something along the way

Just as I suspected, when my first alarm went off I was NOT ready to get out of bed. I wanted to stay snuggled in the bed (and even when I went to the living room to start getting ready I was hoping the pup would get out of his crate and come cuddle with me, but thankfully he didn't tempt me like that!). But half the battle is getting up and out of bed, right?!

I threw on my gear, ate my bar and jumped in the car. I was hoping to be down to Carlsbad by 5am (the hubby would prefer I not run around our house when it isn't daylight... it is totally safe, but he feels more comfortable with me running in Carlsbad in the wee-hours of the morning) and that is exactly when I made it down there.

Some may laugh at my reflective gear, but SAFETY FIRST!

Although I'm not following a specific training calendar right now, I pretty much know what I need to do on a weekly basis, at least to keep myself in constant half-marathon shape (and without losing too much of my marathon work that I've been putting in over the last year-ish) and am fairly self-motivated to get it done. On tap today was 15 miles.

One day I would LOVE to qualify for the Boston Marathon, which means at my current age I need to run a sub-3:35 marathon. With that said, I normally shoot for my goal marathon pace to be 8:00/mile. Long runs should be 60-90 seconds slower than that, so I would love for my long runs to be 9:00-9:30/mile, but I try not to stay too focused on my Garmin and just run by feel (long runs should be more of a comfortable pace... working more on endurance and getting miles on your feet).

Unlike my speed workouts (i.e. Yasso 800s on the track, progression runs, etc), during my long runs I am a little more lax about stopping. Obviously I am not stopping during my races (or at least I hope not), but if there is a picture I need to snap I don't think twice about it.

Signs at CoffeeCoffee this morning (I know some of you feel this way, right?!)

Southern California has this weather phenomenon called "May Gray" (follow by "June Gloom"). It is when the marine layer (aka fog) sits along the coast and never really burns off. Although it keeps the temps cooler, one of the major drawbacks is the humidity. Man, we have been getting socked in with this thick air lately.

I'm always #FueledByPROBAR

I used my Nathan SpeedShot Plus Insulated Handheld during this morning's run. Around mile 9 I was near a 7-Eleven so I went in and refilled my water in the bathroom. (I always make sure I am well prepared with my hydration or at least know of adequate water options along my route... Dehydration is no joke!)

Since today was National Bike To Work Day there were a lot of extra bikes out this morning, which was great because I love saying 'HI' to everyone out and about. There were even bike clubs that set up fueling stations along the coast. I didn't think they'd be stoked if a runner partook in their goodies, but it was nice to have more people to chat with.

I ended up finishing my run in just under 2:11, which was an 8:45/mile average - not too shabby for the humidity and tired legs (they are SCREAMING for some rest!). All-in-all the run felt great and I was able to knock it out and get home in time to wake up the hubby and puppy with their breakfasts and coffee (coffee for the hubby, NOT the pup)!

The assortment of gear I bring with me on my training runs

Some Mamma Chia granola, Silk almond milk and fresh strawberries - YUM! 

And once I walked the pup it was time to hop into a nice, warm Epsom salt bath for a little rest and relaxation. [Tonight we are going with some friends to the Escape Room SD to celebrate a birthday so I wanted to make sure I was able to get in my run before everything else I had on my to-do list. PS Don't you worry, a recap of the shenanigans will be coming! I've been promised it won't be scary, but who knows!]

So, although I would have MUCH PREFERRED to stay in bed or cut my run short, I got in my miles and have a HUGE smile on my face because I am better for it! And I promise, if you put in the work to get it done, you'll be better for it too!

What mileage do you have on tap for the weekend?


Duchess said...

Love this!! I *made* myself run 5 miles last night rather than cutting it at 3, where the hubby left me, because I'm chasing a goal. My legs are still Ragnar ragged and I'm tired and just wanted to cuddle up with my wiener dogs and watch my DVR but...goals don't get reached from the comfort of the couch - right?

Christy said...

You always look adorable while running! Those socks are really cute, I love all things bright.

I have a long run of 4 miles this weekend. I'm so sad. But I have to take some easy running weeks I guess, plus it's going to be 500 degrees here soon.

runlaugheatpie said...
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Scarabocchio Girl said...

Recently I've took part of an early morning run in Verona, Italy. It's the Run 5.30, there is also the website and I think they organize runs also in US....Anyway, I had to woke up at 4:15am, and it was really hard, so I totally understand you :) And I only had to run for 5 km (plus 2 km to get to the starting point)...I can't imagine how it is to run for 15 miles! But sooner or later I'll try this distance.
Great Carlee! Thumbs up!