Saturday, August 16, 2014

PRO Compression AFC Shake Out Run

Today was supposed to be a rest day... but when there was chatter about a PRO Compression Shake Out Run down in San Diego (some of the folks are running the America's Finest City Half Marathon tomorrow), I knew that was out the window!

I attended the San Diego meet-up in May and had a grand ol' time - running around Mission Bay, meeting social media royalty, and walking away with some pretty AWESOME PRO Compression gear. [Feel free to read the recap here]

I think StuftMama caught my excitement about the last get together pretty well, huh?!

Since it was a shake out run for most folks, we did an easy pace 3 miles (which is sort of like a rest day, right?!). We had a GREAT turnout! Lots of runners, kids along for the workout, and even some strollers! Everyone is welcome in our crew!!

Kristin (you know, that AWESOME StuftMama) asked me if I'd head up the run so she could turn back a little early to set up the table.

Leslie (a pretty fan-freakin'-tastic ultra marathoner) and I ended up leading the group around Mission Bay. Since neither of us were running the race the following day we didn't need to save our legs for anything and may have gone out a little too fast. We had a great time, even in the heat (starting at 10am was a little rough).

Thanks for grabbing the shot TSA :)

Leslie and I after the run.

After we finished up our 5K run we were able to hang out and chat a bit with all the awesome folks (PRO Compression has some of the best ambassadors and fans in the industry, but I may be a little partial...). I am honored to be part of such an amazing team!!

The Silent Assassin and I - SHAKAS!

Smitha and I - BIG SMILE SELFIE! 

PRO Compression royalty - StuftMama and SkinnyRunner
Photo Credit: The Silent Assassin  

Yes, the three amigos will be running the Phoenix Marathon in February!
Thanks for the picture 

Photo Credit: Smitha

And just in case you think we only get together to run, we were thinking of others and trying to help the community at the same time. A local PRO Compression friend was gathering shoes to donate to those in need. She was running her own community service event, collecting shoes for the homeless around the world (oh yeah, and she is ELEVEN YEARS OLD), so we all pitched in as much as we could. As you can see we were able to rally the troops and get quite a few pairs.

Gotta love giving back!!
Photo Credit: StuftMama

Best of luck to everyone running America's Finest City Half Marathon tomorrow!! Although I won't be running the course alongside of you all, Ry and I will be out on a long run of our own - 9er miles (yes, we did just watch Tommy Boy so of course there is a niner in there!).

Do you LOVE meeting Social Media friends IRL OR WHAT?! 


Unknown said...

I am so happy you went from Blend to Friend since the last shakeout (should I say Shaka-out?) run. Ha ha! Wonder what will happen by the next run?

The Silent Assassin said...

Great post!