Monday, August 25, 2014

Color Me Rad 5K Recap

This past weekend Ryan and I (along with two more friends) did the San Diego Color Me Rad 5K! This is the second year for Ryan and I to run this race (feel free to check out the recap here of the 2013 one we did {with my MOM}).

Two of my friends (Rachyl and Lisa) had never done a color run before, so were excited to try one out with us. Like I told them, this isn't about running per say or getting a specific time, it is all about FUN! Runs like this remind me to ENJOY THE MOMENT! It isn't always about a finish line, but about the journey it takes to get there. (I know, I know, how many cliches can I throw in one small paragraph?!)

Just in case you aren't familiar with a "color run" - you wear all white (well, you don't have to, but it is more fun because you can see the color more) and then run through stations of colored cornstarch (the volunteers are throwing and spraying it at you in the designated areas). Again, not so much about a P.R. (personal record), but about enjoying your time while on the 5K course.

Totally covered the "Do Rad Stuff" sign ;)

So fresh and so clean, clean. 

This year the course was around the Qualcomm Stadium parking lot (I would assume because it is easier to spray down and clean once the runners leave) - which left a lot to be desired, especially at the end when we did a ton of weaving back and forth to add more distance, but I guess there is only so much you can do in a parking lot. There didn't seem to be as many color stations as last year (I thought there were 5 last year... one at every kilometer, but this year it seemed to be more like 3 total - I don't wear my Garmin to these races, so maybe it was one every mile or so). They did, however, allow folks to buy extra color packets and color BLASTERS at the bib pick-up, so although there seemed to be less color stations during the race, there was still a lot of COLOR out and about.

Once we finished we went to the Smart Car booth (I believe they were one of the sponsors) and took a couple "after" pictures, as well as got a few extra packets of colors. You know we had to have a mini color fight with them ;)

Our AFTER... No longer white..

On your mark.... Get set.... 


Then it turned into a dance party ;)

Then it was time for the "After Party". This is one of my favorite parts. I LOVE watching the color throws (when they have a count down and anyone who has a color packet and is around the finish line throws it at one time). At the very beginning it looks so awesome when all of the colors are separate (then they turn into just a fog).

Taste the rainbow... (Cornstarch flavored)

This picture of mine actually was shared on Color Me Rad's Instagram account
(And has over 1,100 LIKES - YAY)

Try not to inhale...

And then you just get engulfed by it...

We took a couple last photos and then headed back to the car. The race started at 9am (and had a second wave at 9:20am), so it was already pretty toasty, especially on blacktop, so we didn't want to hang out all day and get everything caked into our skin :)

Ry and I
And YES I DID run in my GladSoles

No longer color run virgins ;)

At least we didn't TOTALLY cover it like our "before" 

Boom goes the dyno-mite!


Thankfully I was sent some On The Go Towels and had them in the car so we could get some of the color off before the ride back up north. (PS I will have a review of these on the blog in the next couple days - BE ON THE LOOK OUT!)

Trying to look cute while wiping all the colorful SWEAT off ;)

As always, a great time was had by all! I will always recommend people try a race like this out if they haven't yet (Ryan and I have now done 4 of them and have another one in October ;)... As you can tell, WE DEFINITELY ENJOY THEM!). No matter your fitness level, there is room for you at a race like this!!

Have you ever done a themed race? Do you enjoy them?


The Silent Assassin said...

oh man...i think i would get claustrophobic! I'm assuming everyone had glasses/shades on =). Don't know I'd ever do one...but it looks fun! Do they have hoses or showers there to get cleaned before getting back into your rides?

Carlee McDot said...

Last year I thought they had leaf blowers there so you could blow the dust off, but the issue with the hot and humid conditions is you were pretty sweaty, so the color stuck to you. No hoses, but since this wasn't our first rodeo we came prepared with change of clothes, wipes, towels to sit on, etc ;)

Diana B said...

Color me rad was the race that got my running bug started. I love how fun those races are. It's such a great time!