Thursday, August 28, 2014

REVIEW: On The Go Towels


A few weeks ago, Joe, the owner of On The Go Towels, sent me some samples of their cleansing wipes to test out. I have been meaning to try them ever since they arrived, but hadn't gotten around to it until now. Don't get me wrong, I was intrigued, but I think my main reason for not trying them sooner was because I wanted to make sure I had A LOT to clean so I could see how they would hold up.

In comes my hubby's race a couple weekends ago :) He and a friend ran the Gladiator Rock'n Run in San Diego. Ryan and I have done a couple themed runs in the past, but nothing to this "extreme". I was nervous I wouldn't be able to complete all of the intense obstacles, so figured I'd let him have some boy time.

After they were done, he and his friend both tested out the On The Go Towels. Ryan, being the good sport (and loving husband) that he is, had some pictures taken of him using one of them.

I was able to "interview" both Ryan and his friend Kornel to get their feedback of the product.

Ryan: "I really liked the On The Go men's wipes. First off, they are a great size and easy to bring along to any race. I used mine at both a mud run and a color run. They are a great way to clean up after a dirty race. I want to use them after my next half to freshen up before the car ride home. All in all I would definitely like to add these to my race day kit."

Kornel: "They were awesome, convenient and handy. I used them after a mud run and they made us feel so much better, even after going through mud puddles."

Since I was sent quite a few samples, I still had some additional ones to try out. That is when I remembered we had the Color Me Rad race on our calendar this past weekend! What a great way to see how these wipes would stand up against some insane elements... I mean, if you didn't see the pictures, we were CAKED in sweat and colored cornstarch (it was a BLAST).

The four of us that ran the race together all used the wipes once we got back to the car. Because Ryan had already had a photo-shoot with the towels, I let him out of this picture so he could play photographer :)

I have been able to get the ladies thoughts on the towels since using them.

Lisa: "I liked the wipes and would use them again. They smelled good and were very durable, allowing me to wipe most of the color off with one wipe. My face felt very refreshed and clean after using them."

Rachyl: "The wipes are awesome! They were great for both my face and my body. Left my skin feeling clean, and for someone who is very active outdoors, I would definitely use them again. Even after an event like the color race, one wipe went a long way!"

And of course I saved my thoughts for last...

Overall I have to say that I was extremely impressed (as you can tell, I think we all were). I was expecting it to be somewhat of a baby wipe, but these are long-lasting, heavy-duty, and legit (they are even machine washable, so they can be reused, although we didn't try it out). The smell was fresh (and even though they said "men" on the package, they didn't smell too manly or like we had bathed in cologne) and I didn't feel slimy or sticky after using it. They held up great too - I used a single towel on my face and arms and was able to get most all of the color off without feeling as though the wipe was overly grimy. The size was awesome as well - the towels are 10 inches by 12 inches.

Although we used these after "dirty" races, I think they would be something awesome to have after any type of run (or sweaty activity for that matter). These would be GREAT for races to put in goodie bags, to have for runners to grab at expos, or even to have at the finish line/ after party. Who wouldn't want to feel clean, cool, and refreshed after a hard run?!

Lately Ryan and I have been a one-car family, so when I have to go into the office (the majority of the time I work from home but do have meetings I need to attend), I end up commuting via my bike. These wipes would be a great way to clean up and cool down before going into the office on those hot afternoons.

I'd suggest putting one or two of these in your gym bag. Not only are they great for freshening up after getting your sweat on, but they would be extremely helpful to have in case you ever have somewhere to go after working out and want to feel clean before getting there - whether it is running errands around town or meeting up with friends for happy hour.

Earlier this week I received word from Joe that he has improved the formula again (I LOVE companies that are always striving to get better) and has also made the towels thicker and stronger.

I would DEFINITELY suggest picking up some On The Go Towels to have on hand! Whether you use them after working out, while you are camping, after a long plane ride, before getting into the car following a long run, etc, you will NOT be disappointed!


Is this a product you see would be helpful in your daily routine?


Stacey N. said...

These sound great for running errands after working out. Also I definitely could have used these after the Color Run!

max said...

Everything that was said is accurate to the letter. On The Go Towels are ideal for anyone who runs, rides, golfs, commutes, camps, travels, hunts, etc. and wants to freshen up thereafter. Truckers should find On The Go Towels useful after long or short hauls (it allows them to freshen up before going into cafes and work in place of a shower when one is not available.).

Furthermore, as a competitive road cyclist, On The Go Towels really cleans me and my fellow competitors up after training rides and then meeting mates at a cafe or after a race for the drive home. This is a welcome change for anyone else in the car, no funky, sweaty smells at all. :) As well, On The Go Towels CAN be washed and used as rags. I use them in this capacity to wipe down my bike as well as for dusting and general clean up around the house.

It is great On The Go Towels are rebranding to be more universally accepted! They are for men & women alike.

Full disclosure: my Health is Wealth road cycling team is sponsored by On The Go Towels. Notwithstanding, I would have the same comments as the original poster. As I distribute On The Go Towels to peers, they are grateful, or better yet, their partners are grateful for them not stinking up the car on the rides home!

Because these towels have an anti bacterial and cooling agent in them, they are far better than baby wipes.

Mr. Monta said...

I concur On The Go Towel is an amazing product. Not to mention the owner is a great guy. He is constantly reaching out helping the community which includes sponsorships for MMA fighters and a contributor to many charity event such as the Grapplthons in So. Cal

Anonymous said...

I tried the new On The Go Towels and they are much better than the old ones. They have new stlyes too. I believe the On The Go Cleansing Towel (Citrus Refresh) is the best. I use them while traveling when I need to fresh'n up. I have tried other wipes and these seem to be the largest and best for the price.