Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outside The Bowl Cause

If you are my friend on Facebook than you have probably gotten this invite to join the Outside the Bowl cause, but just in case you aren't my Facebook friend (or you have ignored the invite in the pass), I wanted to post the link to JOIN THE CAUSE :)

Outside the Bowl is a non-profit organization that helps eliminate physical and spiritual starvation by building super kitchens in developing communities and showing God's love to those they serve.

There’s a global emergency that most of us don’t understand. We don’t get it because we have to decide what to make or where to meet our friends for dinner tonight. Meanwhile, one-sixth of the world’s population is going to bed hungry.

When hunger hollows out the body, disease attacks the vulnerable system. Diarrhea (which leads to dehydration), malaria and acute respiratory illness settle in. Chronic hunger means malnourished women give birth to underweight babies, resulting in high infant mortality rates. Malnourished children have weak immune systems, making them susceptible to infection. This basic need overcomes their existence.

And every five seconds, a child dies because of it.

Outside the Bowl’s mission is to acknowledge this crisis and love the people it affects by partnering with established organizations; feeding thousands, year after year; and teaching communities to care for themselves. But through it all, OTB’s greatest calling is to glorify God by serving His people.

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