Monday, August 30, 2010

Made My Day

Saturday Ryan and I went to the wiener dog races. Ryan had gone surfing with Kornel that morning and told him about the races. Kornel was interested so he decided to bring his family - his beautiful wife Kayla, their 2 year old daughter Danni (my best friend :) ), and their 10 month old son Matix. We all enjoyed the races. We decided to go to dinner after church later that night. Little did I know Miss Danni had been talking about 'pizza with Carlee' all day (I must be pretty cool, 2 year olds love me, hehe). Anyway, we went to church, then pizza for dinner. We all had a great time. I had posted on my Facebook that "Thinks it's funny when a two year old gets SOOOOO excited to have pizza with me :) I must be the coolest :)". So then a few people commented back. I got a comment from Kayla that just made my day - "Pizza with Carlee was the highlight of the day. U even made danni s prayer highlights. " dear Jesus thank u for pizza , Carlee, and weiner dogs."" YAY! Danni thanked Jesus for me and pizza and wiener dogs - pretty much the best things in life, huh?! HEHE!!

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<3 this!!!!