Thursday, August 5, 2010

Romantic Cities

America's Most Romantic Cities

When pressed to name a romantic city, Paris—with its swoon-worthy architecture, enchanting cobbled streets, and cozy candlelit bistros—comes to mind. But where does one go in the U.S. for a romantic escape? Travel + Leisure’s America’s Favorite Cities Survey posed that question to the public, and the responses are as fascinating as a tour through

Now spanning 30 U.S. cities, the annual survey delivers a wealth of opinions on travel, touching on such hotly debated topics as which cities have the best singles scene, boutique hotels, ethnic food, and smartest residents.

Most Romantic U.S. Cities

1. Honolulu
2. Charleston
3. San Francisco
4. New Orleans
5. Santa Fe
6. San Diego
7. San Antonio
8. Las Vegas
9. Miami
10. New York

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