Monday, August 16, 2010

DLand Passes

Ryan and I have a big decision to make soon... To get Disneyland Annual Passes again or not. The reason we are questioning it is because Ryan is changing jobs. He will no longer be up in Irvine (he will be down in Carlsbad - thankfully!). It seems like most of the time that we used our passes I would ride the train up and meet Ryan on Fridays and we would head over to the park after he got off work (since he was only about 20 minutes away). And the passes we get are blacked out on Saturdays, which means the only days really open for us would be on Sundays. But Disney is so fun. Hmmm.... Such hard decisions we have in our life, hehe. [Wow are we BLESSED!!]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

my vote is no passes....i'm thinkin you might get numb to the cool-factor of disney. only go for special occasions.....and ask for gift cards as presents so it'll be cheaper to visit there.
just sayin ;)