Friday, August 27, 2010

1 Week Countdown!

It is down to ONE WEEK!! One week till Ryan and I are back in Michigan!! WHOOO HOOOO!! Okay, so we will only be there for a few hours (or so I am sure it will seem), but every second counts, right?! We will be flying out on a red eye Thursday night. My parents will be picking us up from the airport Friday morning - bright and early (how lucky, huh?). We will be spending the day with them in Temperance. I am sure a birthday dinner will be involved, seeing as Ryan and I's birthday are both about 2 weeks after our visit. Then Saturday we will be heading to Ann Arbor and THE BIG HOUSE for the first Michigan football game of the season! We will be meeting Ryan's parents and sister for some tailgating before the game (my parents will be driving us to Ann Arbor). Then after the game we will ride with the McClurgs up to Cheboygan (probably not getting there till Saturday evening). If we get there in time we will head over to the Rehearsal Party (and hopefully a few s'mores are in my future). Sunday is BJ & Alex's wedding - and if we are lucky we will get some time to enjoy the lake. Then we will be flying out of Pelston Monday. I am sure we will need a weekend to recover, but I am PUMPED!!!!

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