Friday, February 15, 2008

Winter Weather

So I had mentioned yesterday that it was raining and I liked the sound of the raindrops on the skylights around the office, but I thought I would actually link you guys to some of the articles on the 'winter weather' that occurred yesterday. The big reason it was a problem was that no one saw it coming (but really, who thinks that we would have rain in San Diego, not San Diegians that's for sure). At the office we had flash flood warnings from 4:30-6pm, we got 8 inches of snow in our mountains (still considered San Diego County), mud slides, people were flooded out of their homes and had to go to the local casinos to seek shelter, etc. Also, since it is normally 70 and sunny any weather gets a big story around here :). Check out some of the articles here.
A surprise storm delivered rain and snow to the county Thursday, causing mudslides, road closures and stranding hundreds of motorists on Interstate 8 through the mountains, sending many to shelter at Golden Acorn Casino.
The Red Cross sent a canteen truck full of food to Pine Valley Thursday night, then hauled it with four-wheel drive vehicles to the casino to assist scores of motorists directed there for shelter.
State, county and federal agencies rescued people stuck in an estimated 150 to 200 vehicles on I-8 between Alpine and Jacumba, said Calfire Capt. Darrin Howell.
One person in the Descanso area was taken to a hospital with hypothermia, he said.
Another story here.

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