Friday, February 29, 2008

Local Hero

Organs Harvested From Hero Mom

A Mountain View mother, who saved her son's life from an out-of-control car, will save more lives after her organs are harvested after being taken off life support. Deysi Araux, 21, was kept alive for 24 hours at Scripps Mercy Hospital, following the car accident in the parking lot of her apartment complex on Tuesday.

Investigators said Araux and her 2-year-old son Steven were hit by a Ford Mustang being driven by Wendy Manzano, 22. Police said the car was unregistered and had expired tags at the time of the crash.

Manzano told police her brakes failed, and when she couldn't stop the car, she turned into the parking lot on Logan Avenue, police said.

Witnesses said Araux saw the car coming and tried to throw the toddler out of the way. Both were struck by the car, and Araux ended up on the Mustang's hood, police said. The Mustang then hit two cars in the parking lot, and Araux was thrown into the vehicles. The car broke through a fence and eventually came to rest after hitting a house.

He said just two weeks ago, Deysi told him if anything ever happened to her, she wanted to donate her organs. And just one week ago, Anaya said she wanted to take a family picture.

"I think she thought in the future, she was going to die," he said.

Now that her organs have been harvested, Deysi will live on, giving the gift of life to others.

"She was a good mom -- a good wife," Anaya said.

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Aww what a sad story - but what an incredible example of sacrifice.