Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So now that I have a few more minutes at work (since we were off yesterday we are playing catch up in Payroll today), I thought I would try and lay out the story of the engagement this past weekend. Just a heads up, we had Ryan's sister and her husband in town this whole past weekend so we were tour guides and having fun with them and haven't made any decisions about anything yet (so no date picked out, place, etc. :) ).

So Ryan and I do this activity called Geo Caching. It is like a high-tech version of treasure hunting. On the website you can go on and put in a zip code and it will give you all of the hidden 'caches' around that area. Ryan told me Friday night that he wanted to go to the 'oldest cache in San Diego (and one of the first 1000 in the world)' on Saturday morning. I thought this was a little fishy because normally when we go out geo caching I get all the info, and also he likes to sleep in but he wanted to go out to this one at 7am Saturday morning. He was trying to play it off like we had to meet up with his sister and her husband for breakfast, which is why we needed to go so early. We ended up at this park (Kate Sessions Park in La Jolla) that overlooked downtown San Diego and is just a cool park. We were looking around for the cache and once we found it Ryan called me over (because normally we look in different areas to give us more of a chance to find it) and he was down on both knees (he gives the excuse that it hurts his knee to be on one so he was on 2, hehe) and asked me to marry him. I remember saying 'Shut up' a couple times but then a resounding YES was said! I have uploaded the pictures from this weekend on my google account, so check them out. The first 20 or so our the shots from the engagement and the following 300+ are from the sight seeing we did with his sister and her husband throughout the weekend. (Since I am busy I haven't put captions on all of them, but will try and get to that this afternoon or maybe tomorrow.)

As you can see in the pics, we are both SUPER excited!! :) And hopefully when we decide on some of the more important things I will be able to let you know everything we have decided :).


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Smith Gallery Photography said...

um your ring is GORGEOUS! I know I've already said this- but congrats to you both!bimmqkh

Web Designer said...

AWESOME Carlee :-)
That is SO COOL!!
I am so very happy for you :-)

Renee Drew said...

Best Wishes for you both.