Thursday, February 14, 2008

Either Or Survey

Yep, I'm bored (and like random pictures)

French fries or baked potatoe? French Fries, I LOVE ketchup
Ranch or french dressing? Ranch
Computer or phone? Computer, I hate the phone
Black or white? Black
Pants or shorts? Pants
Cereal or oatmeal? Cereal, I don't enjoy the texture of oatmeal, too soggy
Friends or family? Family
Ice cream or cake? Frozen Yogurt and Sherbert
Money or love? LOVE
Gum or candy bar? Gum
Cat or dog? Doggies please (cats scare me)
Pop or juice? Diet Mountain Dew PLEASE
Hot or cold? Hot, that's why I moved to San Diego!
Coffee or tea? Soda please
Pink or purple? Pink
Curly or straight? Straight
Up or down? This is random... Um, Up I guess
Hamburger or salad? Salad (I'm a vegetarian, so unless it is a veggie patty I pass on burgers)
Fat or skinny? Skinny
Rain or sun? SUNNY
Fish or shrimp? Fish are friends not food
Love or hate? LOVE
Boots or shoes? Sandals... Boots remind me of snow and if there isn't snow outside I will be wearing sandals
Clock or watch? Watch
Santa Clause or easter bunny? SANTA, I KNOW HIM!
Hugs or kisses? Hugs not drugs
Microwave or oven? Microwave, fo sho!
Car or Truck? Oh there you are Peter!! 95 YELLOW Ford Ranger Please!
Etheopia or Mexico? Etheopia
Day or night? Day, I am a morning person!
Vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla, unless it is white chocolate I don't really like it
Peanuts or almonds? Almonds
Mom or dad? I could never choose (especially since they both read this, hehe)
Doctor or dentist? Hate them both, but I guess I hate the dentist less
Fly or drive? If it was free, fly since it saves time, but it is fun to take road trips!
Glasses or contacts? Hmmmm I had glasses for a bit, but I think I would say contacts, so I could change my eye colors daily, hehe
Rap or Rock? Depends on my mood

1 comment:

Renee Drew said...

Carlee, try FRANCH dressing sometime. A combo of French and Ranch. My theory about Santa is that the only reason Santa brings me anything but a rock, like Charlie Brown, is because Santa and Jesus are tight!