Monday, August 3, 2015

August Abs

You know I adore alliteration, so when I thought about a 30 day challenge for this month, I figured #AugustAbs would be PERFECT! (Not to mention, I could ALWAYS use a little extra consideration when it comes to my midsection.)


It's always great to see what progress can be made during these things, so I had the hubby take my "Day 1" picture Saturday evening (Note to self: Do NOT take your picture after eating pizza with friends... Although, on second thought, I guess it is better that it was on the first day rather than on the last ;)). I would HIGHLY recommend taking "Day 1" and "Day 30" pictures - even if you don't share them with anyone... Seeing the physical changes can be a great motivator!

I have done a Plank-A-Day challenge in the past, which was good, but I knew I wanted something a little more this go-around. I feel as though planks are great to work on your core strength, but, at least for me, they don't necessarily work on toning. And... if one challenge is good, two MUST be better, right?! So, for the month of August I will be rocking MULTIPLE challenges.

In the mornings I will be doing a Plank and Squat Challenge.


And then in the evenings I will be doing a Flat Abs Challenge.


I know this is already the third of the month, but I would LOVE for you to jump in and join me on this ABSolutely amazing adventure. Often we will tell ourselves things like, "I'll start on the first of the month", "I will get back on the wagon Monday", "Tomorrow is when I will begin", but WHY NOT TODAY?! 



Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! I will join you.

Leah Jones said...

You know I'm in! I'll be posting my blog post about it later today!

Unknown said...

You know I'm in too!!

The Silent Assassin said...


Scarabocchio Girl said...

Yay!! I've started a plank challenge with my boyfriend last year, but we haven't finished it...Not enough time I guess..but I was better than him ahahah! I've resisted till 2 minutes and 30!

Gbena said...

I'm in :)