Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getting Back On Track

We've all been there... Missed a couple workouts, haven't been drinking enough water, stayed up too late all week, ate out (and like crap) instead of eating the healthy meals at home. But, hey, at least we are acknowledging the slip-ups, right?! Isn't admitting we have a problem the first step? Well, maybe... But QUICKLY after verbalizing it, we need to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT (rather than just talking about it or letting the death spiral continue out of control). And NOW!


Let's be real. I know that is TOTALLY easier said than done, but still... And, in all honesty, I haven't been missing workouts or eating like crap (or at least no more than normal), but I have been slacking in the sleep department. Sure, with my fibromyalgia, I would never say that my sleep has been stellar, but normally I am at least tossing and turning in bed instead of partying (and by partying I mean catching up on TV shows with the hubby, working on my runDisney Dumbo Double Dare running costumes, wasting time on Pinterest, etc).

Sometimes you just need a graphic with your sweet, sleeping pup...

The last few nights I haven't even laid down until after 11:30pm, which might not sound bad to some of you, but my body NEEDS rest (no matter how crappy it may be). That means when I am only in my bed for a maximum of 6 hours a night (because once the sky is awake I am awake), I end up HURTING (and normally for at least a day or two afterwards) - not only physically, but mentally too.

So, it is time to get back on track. And NOW! Like I posted a few days ago, "someday is not a day of the week". We don't need to wait until "tomorrow", "Monday", "the beginning of the month", etc to start over or make a change. If you want something different, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!


And here is where YOU come in! I need some accountability! I am setting a "GO TO BED" alarm on my phone for 9:30pm during the week. If I am in bed prior to that, I will try and remember to turn it off, but if I'm not, I hope it nudges me to wrap up whatever I am doing and head to sleep! If you see me on social media after 9:30pm on week days, PLEASE feel free to scold me and tell me to hit the hay!

Is there anything you need to get back on track with?

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