Monday, July 27, 2015

The Training Plan

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I am getting ready to GIVE IT MY ALL! Sure, I may not hit my goals, but I will never know what I CAN do if I don't try my darndest, right?! 


Well, with that said, I have laid out my next round of training. This time I will be using Hal Higdon's Intermediate 1 Program. I am hoping it will lay the ground work for a potential marathon PR (personal record) and if all goes according to plan, a possible BQ (Boston Qualification). 
The first step was putting the pen to paper (I still use the good ol' fashion handwritten calendars). I am still not technically registered for the Revel Canyon City Marathon, but I am shooting for that to be my "goal" race. (Can you say falling down a mountain?!


If that works out to be "the one" it is about 15 weeks from now. Since the generic plan is 18 weeks long, I worked backwards from race day to figure out what I should be doing at this point (I think that means I was starting on about week 3 by the time I actually start following the program - but thankfully I have a decent base to build off of right now).
The one thing I did notice was that it has 5 days of running a week... Right now (and honestly, for about as long as I can remember), 4 days has been my max. I usually run four times a week, strength train one day, cross train on another, and then have a rest day. With that said, I have adjusted the plan slightly so that one of the short runs will also include a strength training workout. (I know, for me and my body, I need to keep a strength training workout on the calendar to help keep me injury-free.)


Also, the hubby is training for his next half marathon (he will be running Rock 'N' Roll Los Angeles with me at the end of October), so some of my Sunday "short runs" may turn into longer runs. They will be at an easier pace so I am not too worried about the additional mileage right now (and I guess I could always ride my bike or skateboard along with him if my body needs the break).

So here goes nothing... The plan is in place (and it must be official since it is on the fridge!), now it is time to DO THE WORK!


Where do you record your training calendar?


Kelly(M&M) said...

I haven't posted before but I have been following you in instagram since your Arizona race! I love your attitude and your posts are always positive and inspiring! My goal has been to BQ since my first marathon in 2005. I knew it was a long shot since my first marathon was 5:11 but I also believed (and still believe!) That it is possible!! I tried twice this year and I fell short. It has been disappointing but I also keep learning. I have been trying to figure out my next goal when I saw your post. I think I am going to join you at this race! Instead of trying to BQ (a 3:40), I am going to try to PR. (Sub 3:48:52) Thanks for giving me a new goal to shoot for and I look forward to continuing to follow your journey!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Also I keep my training plan in a Google doc that I share with a running buddy. It motivates me to see her workouts and keeps me accountable!!

Kelly(M&M) said...
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Unknown said...

Good luck Carlee! I have a training journal and keep track of my shoe mileage in it as well as my training schedule. It helps a lot!

Crescent said...

I use a day planner. If I have my runs scheduled in with my life, it keeps me accountable. I'm excited to see how your training progresses. I'm training for the Twin Cities 10 mile and Zooma Nashville. They are about a month a part.

Unknown said...

How exciting Carlee! You will rock it, but I think you always do ;) this marathon looks beautiful! I have used this one of Hals training plans before and threw in a cross train day for one of the run days because I know my body needs it too. I love 4 day a week run days... Can't wait to follow along!!

Scott @ I Thought They Said Rum said...

Best of luck to you in your quest to BQ. It took me years to finally make it to Boston but I can tell you it was worth it in every way. I look forward to following your journey!