Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I'm Heading To #BlogFest

So I haven't said much about it, but a while back I won a FREE entry to this year's #BlogFest. Uh... a ton of fitness bloggers in one place learning about blogging and fitness? SIGN ME UP! 


I guess I have been pretty quiet about it though and I think I know why. Although I started this blog back in December of 2006 (shut the front door, has it really been THAT long?!), I don't necessarily feel like a "legit" blogger. Honestly, most days I think the only readers I have may be my mom and dad (who might refresh the page a few times each). So this feels WAY outside of my comfort zone. I mean, the people in attendance will be a "Who's Who" in the blogging and fitness world and then there is little ol' me...

Even though I would LOVE to have blogging be my full time job, it's not... Not even close... It definitely does not pay the bills (I actually think I have only ever gotten paid to write two posts in the last 9 years)! I have met some amazing people and received some sweet product because of it (mostly due to me reaching out to companies... I'm still a tiny fish in a HUGE pond to have brands find me on their own), but I guess it is more of a journal for me to look back at and a hobby for me to spend time on. But what better place to go and learn to see if it can become something bigger for me, right?

Source: @MomentumJewelry's Instagram Feed

So I will be heading up to Los Angeles this afternoon (figured it would be easier to stay in a hotel tonight and tomorrow night rather than having to drive the 2 hours each way early in the morning and late at night on Thursday and Friday) with a charged laptop (and external batteries), a notebook and pens, tons of workout gear (since you know I sweat A LOT), and an open mind ready to soak in everything I can.

Oh yeah, and I will also have some Momentum Jewelry goodies with me! How could I forget?! I'll be packing some Motivate Wraps and Foot Notes to GIVE AWAY!! (HINT: Make sure you follow me on Instagram - @CarleeMcDot and Twitter - @CarleeMcDot if you will be at #BlogFest and want to score some FREE goodies!) Don't worry, I have an EXTRA EXCITING post for everyone else not in attendance on Saturday, so don't forget to check back then!

And if you will be around the LA area tomorrow morning around 6:45am, you should join me at Linzie and Tiffany's shake out run! You can RSVP here if you haven't already (you do NOT need to be attending the conference to join in on the run and ALL fitness levels are welcome!). (I will be bringing a few of the Momentum Jewelry goodies with me to this run... so that's another reason to join us!)


Now it is time to double check that I have everything I need packed and ready to go. (I used to pack for trips like weeks in advance, but for some reason {maybe it's my old age of 30 ;)}, I tend to delay the packing part of getting ready... Tends to make for a stressful last hour or so before leaving, but I just can't shake the procrastination on packing lately.)

Would you ever consider going to a conference like this?


Unknown said...

I'm super excited for you - and I don't feel like a 'legit' blogger either, so I'm not sure I would. But last year I went to Tiffany and Pavey's fun run and had a freaking BLAST so I'd do that part again if I could! ;) Have a GREAT time, Carlee!

Sabrina Alexandra said...

That's exciting! Have a fantastic time!

Kc said...


Unknown said...

I totally know what you mean about being a small fish there. But I think that's also kind of exciting because we stand to learn the most.
See you on the run tomorrow morning!

Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! said...

Looking forward to meeting you!!!

Unknown said...

I'm headed out this afternoon too! So pumped. I'll be at the run on Thursday, so hopefully we will meet up!!!

Robin Runner said...

You are totally legit girl! Have a great time. Love LOVE love you!

Kate @ SoCal Runner Gal said...

I would have been there but I'll be in Mexico so yet again, we miss eachother!

You are absolutely a legit blogger. Are you crazy? Everyone knows you! Give this ol' blog some credit.

p.s. I'm moving to Encinitas next week so maybe we can FINALLY meet up for a run or coffee or food or beer or all of the above?