Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Runday

Last night we went to a wedding for some of our friends, which meant we didn't get home until after midnight... Well worth it to celebrate the love of those we love, but it did effect today's workout slightly.

Figured I would offer a little proof I don't ALWAYS wear running gear :)
We clean up well if I do say so myself....

PS Just in case you were wondering... Donuts for a dessert at a wedding is

Well, as I'm sure you can guess, I did NOT head out for a sunrise run this morning after the already shortened night of sleep, which meant it was back to my original routine of afternoon workouts. What a steamy afternoon run it was... The humidity isn't letting up and when I get off around 2:30pm it is the HOTTEST part of the day (I looked on before I went out for my run and we set a new record HIGH for July 28th and the humidity is still in the 50% range in the mid-afternoon...).

Now although I love sleep (don't let me fool you though, with my fibromyalgia I sleep very craptastically, if at all, so I more mean "laying down"), I am realizing more and more that I really enjoy my sunrise runs. The other day I mentioned "Sunrise + Miles = Smiles" and I really think it is true for me right now. When we "fall back" in a couple months or when the temperature start cooling off, I may go back to afternoon workouts, but right now, if I can make it happen, I think I will stick with trying to get in my runs during the week BEFORE work.

When do you prefer to run/ workout?

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YogiCrystal said...

I used to prefer afternoon/evening runs, but now I work during that time. So, I've moved to morning runs which I am getting used to, but I sure do miss sunset runs sometimes. (Can't run at sunrise because I work so late) I guess it's nice to train closer to when race time would be anyway! :)