Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

Today has been quite the joyous day :)

It started off with work, which isn't too exciting, but hey, nothing went terribly wrong, so I will count that as a win! While I was at work my brother sent me a text with a picture of their new puppy, Lambeau!

Then I ran six STRONG miles (all between 8:17 and 8:25 in some pretty heavy humidity)! I even finished my 6 miles UNDER 50 minutes (although I was a little ways from my car so kept running, which is why my watch doesn't show my actual time of 49:57 :) ).

And when I got home I was checking my Instagram, double tapping pictures, and came across one of Nate Burleson (you know, my favorite Lions' player before he got traded) surprising his daughter for her 4th birthday to a trip to Cali and a visit to Disneyland. Well, of course you know I had to like it (and post a few little "party icons" in the comments) and GUESS WHAT! Now Nate Burleson is following ME on Instagram!

Then, to round out the evening, I got to meet and hang out with two AMAZING runDisney friends - Joe and Brooklyn! It's soooooo fun to meet people IRL (in real life) for the first time. It is even better when they are WONDERFUL folks. Oh yeah, and even most bestest that it feels like we know all about each other through the magic social media :)

What made your Wednesday WONDERFUL?! 


Anonymous said...

And her mommy found out that she doesn't have to have heart surgery :D

The Silent Assassin said...

You need to move closer. We run the same times and we'd push each other. Do "we" really want to run 1:30's? ;)