Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lake Powell - Fireworks

Fireworks are illegal at Lake Powell (I don't know if this is a Utah thing, a lake thing, or just an un-American thing, but that's what we were told).


Apparently you can buy them elsewhere and smuggle them in, but we wouldn't do anything like that... (mostly because we missed the firework store on the drive to Utah from California...) But we did have a small package of "fun" from the local Walmart that we set off one night.

As I mentioned in my first Lake Powell (Night Shots) post, Ryan found a setting that he was able to keep the shutter open for as long as he wanted. Of course he had to try it out with the "fireworks".

This was my favorite shot Ryan took!


I know, I know, they weren't big explosions, but we were trying to play by the rules (or had to because we forgot to bring bigger options ;) ). 

Ryan is pretty pumped to take the camera to the Oceanside Firework Show tonight to see if he can capture some awesome shots (and if he can, you better believe I will share them with you here ;)).

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The Silent Assassin said...

Oh in AZ and HI we set it off! Nice pics!