Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top LRA Commander Killed In Combat


Lt. Col. Vincent Okumu Binanso, aka Binani, was killed by Ugandan military forces this 
past Friday in the northeastern corner of the Central African Republic. Although young, 
Binani was one of Joseph Kony's top 10 commanders. His death comes just eight months 
after the capture of Maj. General Caesar Achellam, another of Kony's top commanders.

This weekend's events deal a significant blow to LRA operations in DR Congo and 
weaken its ability to carry out attacks in and around Garamba National Park, a 
historically-significant base for LRA operations in DR Congo. We wish that Binani 
had been captured, not killed, but we are glad that he is no longer able to inflict 
death and violence on innocent people in central Africa.

In the upcoming weeks and months, LRA fighters and commanders will be far 
more likely to surrender - especially the men and women who were under Binani's 
command. Invisible Children and its partners will continue to use fliers, FM 
broadcasts and helicopter speaker messaging to inform LRA combatants of Binani's
death and direct them to safe surrender sites.

Invisible Children's "come home" programs are possible because of the 
consistent generosity of TRI donors and everyone who has helped fund our 
life-saving projects.

We will relay further information on this event as we receive it. For the latest 
details, as always,visit our blog.

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