Sunday, January 27, 2013

SD Gulls

Ryan has been trying to talk me into going to a San Diego Gulls game for a while now. Not that I didn't want to go, but we just hadn't made it a priority and put it on our calendar. Earlier in the week I suggested to Ry that we should really go soon since the end of the season will be coming up soon. We looked at their schedule and they had a few home games this weekend - one Friday, one Saturday and one Sunday. We decided we would go to the Friday night game since we normally go to church Saturday night.

They play in Escondido at the local ice rink (just like any small rink, they had 2 sets of bleachers on one side, a little concession area, and an area where you could buy Gulls merch). They are more of a 'club' team than a minor league team I think. Maybe more like an after college team. There were actually a ton of fans there (although about a fourth of them for kids from Brazil that seemed to be there on a field trip).

We participated in CHUCK THE PUCK - where you pay $1 for a little foam puck and during the intermission between periods 2 and 3 you throw them on the ice and try to get them closest to the cone. I think mine was actually about the 4th closest, but unfortunately only the first two places won anything (first place won half the pot - $40 and second place won a foam Gulls finger).

We had a lot of fun - but hey, Ry and I can make just about anything fun! We grabbed one of their schedules to hang on the fridge and we will probably try and make it to another game before the end of the season. Not to mention, this is feeding Ryan's desire to want to play hockey even more :)

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