Saturday, January 5, 2013


Ryan had been bugging us all week to go sledding. The snow hadn't been that great, but finally, Friday night we got a decent snow and woke up to a winter wonderland Saturday morning. After going with my mom to take my grandma to get her hair did, groceries bought, and lunch consumed, we went in search of some sledding hills. Ryan and mom went down Munson Park's hill once on the way home (they just couldn't wait any longer), but then we went home, got bundled up, picked up dad, and went down to Ottawa Park to hit the hills for a couple hours. We had a BLAST and even got too warm by the end of it. And yes, Ryan did hit a tree and break one of the saucers, but don't worry, he was okay (he just bumped it, and it cracked the sled, but then he kept riding on it, so it looks worse than it ever was)!!

Sometimes you just need to put on your snow gear, go outside, and act like a kid again! (PS It is quite the work out hiking back up those hills for two and a half hours - but all good, clean fun!!)

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