Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Deers

After church two Sundays ago, we were contemplating what we should do. My dad had a great idea of heading down to the Maumee Bay State Park to walk along the boardwalk (a 2 mile loop in the woods) to see if we could find any deer. My parents have done this a few times before when they have been out on bike rides and have always seen a ton so we got bundled up and headed out. When we got there all of the entrances to the boardwalk were CLOSED. Apparently there had been some crazy wind a few weeks ago and a ton of trees, branches, and sticks were down which had blocked or broken parts of the boardwalk. Well, we decided a few signs (and possible $500 fine - or so my dad kept saying) wouldn't get us down, so we hopped the barricade and hit the trails. We saw A TON (like probably 20ish) deer along the way - we forgot to count them all (my dad said it was because normally they count them to tell me how many they saw, and since I was there they didn't need to remember exacts :) ). A lot of them even came super close up to us, so Ryan was able to get a ton of great shots. Two of them even had STICKS (what we say when they have antlers, i.e. bucks). We set up some self timer shots too, but apparently we didn't tell my parents that after the first one or two nice ones you are supposed to make silly faces :).

If you are ever in the area of the Maumee Bay State Park, I would definitely recommend it! They even have a really nice lodge and conference center. 

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