Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Bowling

Why yes, we did go bowling on Christmas this year! My mom had gotten a flyer in the mail for the local bowling alley that said it was open from 4pm till Midnight on Christmas Day. Our Christmas bonanza at my cousin's house ended around that time, so we thought this would be a perfect night cap for us! My brother invited one of his friend's (which we didn't realize was a closet bowler that kicked most of our butts) and the 6 of us tore up two lanes at Forest View.

Once my dad taught me how to bowl (he said you have to 'shake hands' with the lane) I started kicking booty! My first game was a 48, but once I "learned how to bowl" I got a 140 and actually carried my team (our team was Ryan, my dad and I). We all had a great time and I might have found my new calling :) JK!

PS YES, it was a Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at my cousins a few hours earlier... Normally my bowling attire is never this flashy :)

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