Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cell Phone

If you have gotten a new cell phone (like I just did) and would like to donate your old phone to a great cause, check out this website. If you scroll to the bottom it describes the steps and how you can donate your old, used cell phones.

Cell Phone Donation
NCADV has partnered with The Wireless Foundation for over 7 years on the CALL TO PROTECT program. Through the collection of deactivated cell and wireless phones, an important tool has been provided for victims of domestic violence who may encounter emergency situations. The lifeline provided by donated phones has literally saved lives over the course of our partnership.

In addition to phones being distributed for emergency use, proceeds from the sale of phones not utilized for emergency use help fund agencies that work to end violence in the home, such as NCADV.

NCADV would greatly appreciate your old cell phone.

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