Thursday, December 6, 2007

Holidays in San Diego

Top 10 Holiday Things to Do in San Diego:

10. Drink something different: No more vodka tonics, no draft beers…try a spiked egg nog at the Four Seasons, the Christmas ale at a bar, or even a peppermint something from Starbucks. This is the time to drink the frilly drinks!

9. Watch the Holiday Bowl balloon parade from afar – Drinks on the deck at Mister A’s or cheap beers (and binoculars) at Shakespeares are perfect perches.

8. Walk on the beach with an egg nog ice cream, because it’s San Diego and we can. Then call your friends elsewhere and brag : )

7. Watch or listen to some kind of Christmas show: The Grinch at the Old Globe, Lambs’ Players in Coronado, It’s a Wonderful Life in Normal heights

6. Send someone a card – even if you don’t do Christmas cards, or even Christmas at all, send someone a card. Try India Ink for really cool ones.

5. Eat Sweets: Heaven Sent Desserts actually has a great holiday happy hour between 3-6…get a slice of something yummy from the dessert case and a coffee/tea for just $6! Or I think you can even bring a friend and it’s only $10 for the two of you.

4. Watch the boat parade of lights through the bay (two dates: Dec 9th and Dec 17th)

3. Donate toys to get AJ off the crane during the annual AJ’s Kids Crane that starts TOMORROW!

2. Visit the Hotel Del – I don’t care if you eat there, have a drink there, stay there or just walk through the lobby…you must go see it at Christmas time.

1. Ice skate under the palm trees at Horton Plaza…then pop into Dobson’s for a night cap.

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