Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hill Street Cafe

Ryan and I found a new favorite restaurant. Ryan has been a vegetarian now for about a month or two and when he first decided to take the step, he was looking for vegetarian and organic restaurants around where he and I live so that we could try them out. One of them was the Hill Street Cafe. It is located up in Oceanside, CA (which is now right down the street from where he is living). The first time we went there was when Ryan's parents were in town for Thanksgiving. It was tasty, but we went for breakfast and I normally can't eat a lot for breakfast so I didn't get to fill up on the scrumptious goodness. We went back this past Sunday for lunch after church and we both decided that it is in our top 3 for favorites. It is a little Victorian house that has been made over into this little cafe. They glassed in the front porch, so you can sit out there and not be bothered by the wind or weather (if there is any, hehe). Upstairs they have a little surf shop that Ryan just had to go in and buy some gear from. :) The restaurant itself serves organic when at all possible, they compost any of their food extras and coffee grounds, they support local farmers and growers, and their food is YUMMY! If you are ever around Oceanside, you should definitely check it out (and hey, why not invite Ryan and I along, hehe). Check out some of the reviews for the cafe here.

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