Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Smoke Pictures

I took more pictures on the way to work this morning. I would say that driving in San Diego is like what it would be like if you were in Hell. In the morning (I have been coming in at 6:45am to make up for being out this Friday) and you can just see the HUGE smoke clouds and the orangish red glow... Quite erie and extremely sad!
This is a picture of the view once I get off the expressway (my office is one block to the left of this intersection):

This is a picture of a look out to the East off the expressway (I am just holding out the camera and shooting, and since I am moving the pictures are blurry, but it gives you a sense of the devastation):

Again, these pics are taken at about 6:30/ 6:45am... The glowing color is NOT the sun rising, it is the fire blazing.

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