Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fraudulent Charges

Have you ever had a credit card company call you and ask about fraudulent charges? I have to say, I haven't... until TODAY. I opened up a credit card with United (the airlines) so that I could earn miles and therefore earn trips. I received a free round trip ticket for opening my account, which I have scheduled for my Christmas trip back to Michigan. Since then I haven't used the card. I have a bank card, which is linked to my checking account that I use, so I haven't needed to use the other card. I was planning on canceling it in the next couple months (I had it open to help build credit). I saw there was a 1-800 number calling me a couple minutes ago, so I just silenced it and had it go to voice mail (thinking it was a telemarketer or something like that). I checked my voicemail afterwards and heard that it was Chase (who the credit card is through) calling to check on fraudulent charges. I called them back and gave them all my info. They asked me if I had been using the card to make online purchases in the last month. I told them that I hadn't used the card in the last couple months and they told me that someone had gotten a hold on my information and has been charging purchases to my name. They told me that they would cancel the card and send me paperwork that I would need to sign that I verified I had not made those purchases. I told them I would be fine signing anything, since again, I had not used this card in at least 3 months. They assured me that they would contact the 3 credit bureaus and let them know that the charges were fraudulent and not to hold them against me. I am so thankful that Chase was watching out for me. I am really happy that I will not have to pay $557 that I did not charge, but at the same time I am sad. I am sad that someone was trying to STEAL MY MONEY! I feel as though I am usually getting screwed over. People take advantage of others that they see as weak, and I don't know why, but people take me as weak A LOT. I have had to have Ryan call places on my behalf because stupid business people listen to males more than they listen to females. Why? GRRRRRRRRRRR. It just makes me sooooo angry that people would try to steal from me, steal my money, my identity, whatever they can get their slimy hands on. I feel so taken advantage of, I feel so vulnerable, and to someone I have never seen and probably never will. Well, I guess I will stop complaining, since I am not actually paying for their deceit, but it still irks me!

Again, I am so thankful for Chase looking out for me, and if you are looking to open an account I would definitely recommend them.

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