Wednesday, October 17, 2007

California Adventure

Disney to spend $1.1 billion to overhaul California Adventure
Don Kelsen / Los Angeles Times
The Anaheim park had been a disappointment since its opening six years ago.
By Richard Verrier and Dave McKibben, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers
October 17, 2007

California Adventure is getting a $1.1-billion makeover -- with Walt Disney Co. planning to spend more than it did to build the theme park just six years ago.

The struggling park, which sits in Disneyland's shadow, was a disappointment from the start, failing to draw the crowds the company had anticipated. The idea behind the overhaul recently approved by the board of directors is to give it new attractions and a sharper identity -- and make it more like Disneyland.

Read the rest of the article here. My opinion, I am excited for the update. I know that the article goes into how there is like 1/4th the people that go to California Adventure than Disney, but I think it is because Disney is more well known. At least for me, I had never heard of California Adventure before I moved out here. If they want more tourists (and not just locals) going to CA Adventure, then they need to publicize it. Also, maybe lowering ticket prices would help. I had a fun time the 2 times (once just to Ca Adventure and another time we had a park hopper between CA Adventure and Disney, but we did spend most of our time at Disney) I have gone though, it gets my stamp of approval.

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