Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Coffeehouse

I stream music on my office computer all day (I can't stand working in 'peace and quiet', which is much different than I was in college, when I needed complete silence to even read a paragraph... I guess you can say I get distracted easily). I have been using Yahoo Music, for about a year now. I usually either listen to the preset station called "Oldies" or "Love Songs". Both of which are songs that I know 95% of the words to (and the left over 5% I make the words up for). A couple days ago I recently tried the station "The Coffeehouse". I have fallen in love with it. Maybe it is just the gloomy mood that has been outside this week, or maybe it is the soothing sounds of the singing, but I am lovin' it. Ryan will probably love this, seeing as many of the artists are ones he already enjoys (Iron & Wine, Matt Costa, Ben Harper, etc). If you have a chance to stream music and would like to switch it up from your norm, I would definitely recommend The Coffeehouse. Check it out here (it has some of the artists and top songs they play listen). PS Norah Jones is amazing!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT...(it so Lestatte) makes me glow to know that we're listening to the same music together :)

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!