Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip?

So I had this fun idea a couple weeks ago that since there are quite a few of us friends that live out in California (just different areas) that for Thanksgiving we could all get together at a central place (I suggested San Francisco since I have never been). Unfortunately everyone I have talked to is actually heading back to Michigan, so it looks like it is down to Ryan and I. I have been trying to come up with ideas of places we could travel to for that long weekend. I looked into flights (even just up to San Fran) and they are pretty pricey already. I was thinking about a road trip and I was trying to come up with ideas. I thought of San Fran (yes, it would be an 8 hour drive, but maybe worth it), Santa Monica, Channel Islands, Baja California, and Santa Barbara. Now I haven't been to any of these places (I just looked on a map and picked them out, hehe), so I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions? Remember, we are low in cash flow (and may end up camping along on the road trip), but I would LOVE ideas... Where should we go?

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