Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quixotic Clothing Co.

I found this cool clothing company. There designs are nice and all of their stuff is done in sweat shop free places. The shirts are super cheap (well $10). If you use the coupon: indie-threads then you get an additional 15% off (and there is no shipping costs). Check 'em out here if you get a sec.

Quixotic Clothing Co. was launched in the Winter of 2006 by Brad Tennant and Cody Clark. It is the evolution of Brad's previous venture, Heart on Sleeve Clothing. Started in 2003 and Cody started helping out in late 2004. Heart on Sleeve wasn't super professional, just kind of a little project of sorts. This time, we're trying to take a more serious approach to the t-shirt business. Quixotic's products are designed with not only comfort and fashion in mind, but also ethics. That's why you won't find a single item in our store that is made in a sweat shop. Our t-shirts are super soft and comfy and made in a sweat shop free environment.

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