Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So, both of my Grandma's belong to the Frenchtown Senior Center in Monroe, MI. They go on day trips, hold rummage sales, etc. My Grandma Padot has recently been elected onto the board (something she has been enjoying, being able to help run meetings, give ideas of her own for fundraising, etc). Anyway, recently they decided to try to complete the WORLDS LARGEST PUZZLE. They are actually in talks with Guinness to have it entered into the World Records Book. If you put a piece into the puzzle, you are able to write your name on the back of the piece, and hopefully have your name entered into the WORLD RECORD. My grandma has placed a piece, HOW COOL! Anyway, I was checking the Monroe Evening News this morning (gotta keep it old school, right) and saw an article about it, so thought I would post it. Check out the article. My grandmas weren't mentioned, but it's an interesting story nonetheless.

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