Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Evening Off

Tonight is my evening off. I was originally supposed to have a tour at the Ronald McDonald House (it is a requirement before I can start volunteering), but I was called at about 3:45 and asked to reschedule. I am a little disappointed, because I really wanted to start volunteering soon, but at the same time, not all that disappointed. Since I started to run a week and a half ago I haven’t really had an evening to just relax (even though I see running as relaxing, at least for right now). I am also glad to take the night off of running because my knee has been aching for the last couple days. It feels like I hyperextended it (I did it a couple times during cheerleading and also soccer, so I know what that feels like). I don’t know if I actually over extended it or if it is the knee that does all the absorbing of bumps when I am biking and running. Who knows, but I think a night off will do it well. (I have been icing it, heating it, elevating it, etc, so hopefully it is on it’s way to a 100% recovery).

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