Friday, July 27, 2007


So when I decide to read, I read a lot. When I get hit by the reading bug, I will plow through a book in a couple hours. The last time I was in a reading mood was last summer, when I first got to USD. I was able to use their University library and get as many books as I wanted. I read about 7 in the first week and a half I was there. After that, I sort of hit a wall. I got busy, I had people I could hang out with, work that needed to be done, sun that needed to be laid in, you get the point. I read Velvet Elvis a couple months ago (and didn't really like it, sorry to all you fans out there). Yesterday I thought I would pick up one of the books I ordered around Christmas, Fun House. I only have a chapter left to go, so I think I will finish it after work while I wait for Ryan to get off the train (he's riding it down to go to the gallery tonight). Anyway, I was wondering, any suggestions for the next book? I was going to go to the Public Library and get another one. Leave your suggestions... I'm up for most any type of reading.

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