Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh Uncle C

In case you were unaware, my Uncle Chauncey will be STAYING in D-Town... Like it was ever an OPTION to leave :)

Here is one of the more recent articles:

"This is our captain, our point guard and our leader," Dumars said. "Making this happen was a no-brainer."

Billups had said all season that he hoped to stay in Detroit, and he acknowledged Monday that he might have hurt his own bargaining power in the process.

"A lot of teams probably didn't even bother, because they knew my heart was in Detroit," he said. "This is where my family wants to be, because this is where we've made our home."

While Billups did say there were "plenty" of teams that were making offers, he never took them seriously.

"I told my agent that Detroit got the first chance to sign me, and they also got the second, third and fourth chances," he said.

The rest is here.

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