Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Off to the races

Okay, I'm not off to the races, but today is the opening day of the Del Mar Pony Races (yes, I know that is not the name and the horses are FAR from being ponies, but I think we'll just consider them ponies). Today all the big wigs will be heading to Del Mar with their ginormous hats and boat loads of money. I don't really have any feelings toward the races (I was going to go to the opening day last year with a friend but at the last minute his girl friend was able to go so they went together instead), but I am not looking forward to the traffic. Del Mar is a pretty well smack dab in the middle of Ryan and I, which means whenever we want to see each other we have to drive right by the Race Track. The traffic is always horrible through there, seeing that we go from 6 lanes to 3 and have about 4 expressways dump into the 5 right there anyway, but with the Fair (thank goodness it closed on the 4th of July) and the Races the traffic gets 100 times worse.

Anywho, go ponies go!!

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