Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday Favorites {Michigan Edition}

Seeing as we are jumping on a jet plane and flying back to the Mitten this morning for the Christmas holiday, I thought it would be the PERFECT time to share some of my favorites when it comes to Michigan products. The majority of these aren't new-to-me, but they might be new to you if you aren't from the great state, so I thought I'd share them with you!

Michigan Mittens

I don't own a pair of these mittens, but every time I see them I think I should. If you live (or have lived) in Michigan and someone asks you where you are from, you will use your hand as a map and point to the general area of your city. These mittens take that idea one step further and actually ARE a map on your hands! Brilliant, right?! There is also a super cute map bandanaa whimsical wall map and a pack of patches that I'm pretty sure I need too!



Okay, so I gave up pop years back, but if I were to ever throw caution to the wind and get back on that soda train, you better believe Faygo would be the brand of sweet nectar I'd reach for (that and Mountain Dew...). My favorite was always Redpop (with Creme Soda a close runner up), but the hubby is a Rock & Rye guy all the way. That reminds me, I should probably ask my parents to grab a couple bottles for the fridge ;) [PS You can sometimes find Faygo at BevMo! locations.]



The Mitten State

I think I currently have about 8-10 items in my closet from The Mitten State, but that doesn't mean I can't (or shouldn't) add more, right?! And they are always releasing new stuff so my list is never ending. I narrowed down my "need" category to four items I don't currently own, but if you gave me free reign I could definitely do some damage!

Left: America's High Five / Left Center: Wolverbear Glass Can / Right Center: Pictured Rocks / Right: Wolverbear Hoodie

Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story

Okay, so this isn't necessarily a product, and not 100% Michigan, but let me explain. If you know Detroit Red Wings, you know about Probert. He was what you would call an "enforcer", and half of the "Bruise Brothers" during the late eighties and early nineties. (He also played for the Blackhawks, but we will ignore that travesty for the time being ;)) They just released a film about him and the hubby and I are excited to see it. It was officially released in Canada last week, so hopefully we will have access to it soon. If you enjoy the Red Wings or hockey in general (or are interested in the impact concussions have on mental health), I would definitely recommend you keep your eyes peeled for this one!

What are you loving lately? (Extra points if it's special to where you live or grew up!)

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