Monday, January 18, 2016

Meet-Ups Galore

Although I wasn't running in any of the races this weekend, that didn't stop me from attending the #WeRunSocial Meet-Ups! And even though I felt like I was in the car ALL DAY LONG on Saturday, seeing friends (both new and old) made the driving TOTALLY worth it!

The Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon and Half Marathon was Sunday morning. It is literally a stones throw from my house. Since I had 12 miles on tap for the weekend I thought that I could sign up for the half and at least get a medal out of my training run... Well, that was until I saw the prices! As you know, I am very frugal, so when I saw the high registration fee I knew I was OUT. (Don't get me wrong, it is such a beautiful course... BUT I run it weekly... So to pay $150+ for a half marathon {that isn't runDisney} on a course I can run for free any other day of the year was NOT floating my boat.)

But just because I wasn't running, doesn't mean I was going to miss out on the opportunity to hang out with some of my running buddies! #WeRunSocial hosted a social meet-up at the PRO Compression booth at the expo at 10:30am on Saturday morning. My ladies, Kristin and Smitha, helped organize it so I knew I MUST make my way over to say HEY!

Carlsbad?! More like CARLS-GOOD! Some of the crew near the PRO Compression booth!

Not only did I get to chat with friends, there were TONS of giveaways and I was even able to pick up one of the pink PRO trucker hats that I had been eye-ballin' for a while (I have the fluorescent green and LOVE it, but "needed" the pink too). After the group picture at the PRO Booth, the crew was moving over to a restaurant for snacks, selfies and more prizes. I would have LOVED to join, but I had another meet-up to attend!

The winners with their head gear! 

Now, if you've been around CarleeMcDot.Com for a while, then you know runDisney races are my jam. The Disneyland Half Marathon in 2012 was my first half and I guess you can say it helped to spark my love for running. I absolutely love the runDisney races - not because I get a great time on the clock (far from it), but because I have a great time on the course. The friends, costumes, entertainment, magic, etc is hard to top. The one main drawback of runDisney races is the GIGANTOR price tag associated with them. To be able to run other races, we have cut back on our runDisney calendar. This past weekend was another race that we had to opt out of running, the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend.

Linzie and Dani were hosting the #RebelTweetUp so I couldn't miss it! I was there last year and knew this year's meet-up would be bigger and better than ever! Once I left the Carlsbad Meet-Up, I got in the car and drove north to Anaheim (thanks to the lovely Saturday SoCal traffic a drive that should have taken 45 minutes was over an hour and a half). I parked in Downtown Disney (yay for free 2 hour parking) and made my way over to Trader Sam's.

Just some of the pictures I snapped during the epic meet-up

And you know the #WeRunSocial crew has gotta #KeepItTight whoever we roll!

Isn't it AMAZING that something as 'silly' as running has brought so many awesome people into my life?! I know I say it often, but I am BEYOND BLESSED! With everyone being spread throughout the country, you really need to relish every moment you get to spend with one another. (Wouldn't a #WeRunSocial jet be AWESOME?! That way we can fly to any race and see all of our running friends whenever we wanted... #ThePossibilities #MakeThatHappenPavey!)

And like most race weekends, it seemed to be over as quickly as it started. I got to Disney a little before 1 and ended up staying till close to 3:30. I swear, the time with this crew just FLIES by! Thankfully some of us don't have to wait too long to hang out again because Linzie and I will be hosting a #WeRunSocial Meet-Up in less than a month for the Los Angeles Marathon! [PS If you haven't registered for the race yet but want to, use CARLEE16 to save some of your precious pennies!]

Just wanted to say a HUGE THANKS to everyone who popped on by, said hello, took a picture or had the intention of stopping by ;) #WeRunSocial is growing because of YOU and we are forever grateful! I mean, having a crew to encourage one another based around a common love of running?! PURE PERFECTION!

Source@WeRunSocial's Twitter Feed
Last week, #WeRunSocial hit 30,000+ tags on Instagram, how AWESOME is that?! 

Do you ever attend meet-ups for races you aren't running?


Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home said...

Very cool. I hope there will be a meetup for Big Sur!

Mallory Ann said...

Had so much fun at the Star Wars Meet Up and looking forward to Princess Half and many more!
xx mal @