Thursday, April 23, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Some exciting things have been happening around here lately, so why not throw them into a mod podge of a post with a little alliteration thrown in for good measure ;)


This might not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but after blogging for 8+ years and having "blogspot" in my web address the whole time, I have now converted to "WWW.CARLEEMCDOT.COM". I was even able to watch some YouTube videos on how to have my existing blogger account direct to the new site! For being so non-tech savvy I am pretty proud of what I was able to do... Hey and I'm even starting to look more and more like a legit blogger, right?!



Yesterday I started a new job. Right now it is only part time, but I am excited to see what it may lead to. (Thankfully the hubby has a great job, so I am able to work part time right now, which is awesome!) A super sweet friend of mine, Kara, actually suggested I apply (since she works for the company) and low-and-behold I was offered a position! It is always tough being the new kid on the block (unless you are actually one of the New Kids On The Block, then I guess you've got the right stuff.... baby ;)), but I am hoping to get the hang of everything soon!


PS I am still always down to blog full time, so if you know someone who wants to pay me to run, take pictures, and post about my adventures PLEASE send them my number!


{It seemed logical to keep them all blog-y related, right?!} I participated in a #SweatPink Twitter Party a couple weeks ago. As luck would have it, they were giving away a FREE REGISTRATION to BlogFest to the most active Tweeter (is that the word?!). Challenge ACCEPTED!

Source: @FitApproach's Twitter Feed

Um.... AWESOMESAUCE!! I mean if any conference is up my ally, I would say THIS ONE is it, right?!


I just got the registration information emailed to me today (which is why it made TODAY'S Thursday List) - WHOOO HOOOO! Now to figure out if I will be driving up there every day or if I should splurge and get a hotel room...

Any randomly exciting things happening in YOUR life right now?! 

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Two Runners Travel said...

Planning a wedding is pretty exciting! :) But also exhausting!