Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Momentum Jewelry SALE

I know it is hard to believe anything you read today, but I promise you this is NOT an April Fools' joke!

I mentioned it a couple weeks ago when I posted about my AWESOME ambassadorship with Momentum Jewelry, but I just wanted to remind everyone...

If you use my link [] to place an order through Momentum Jewelry, you will save 25% on your order! Yup, you read it right!


This sale will only be valid between April 1st (today) and May 15th. [I have been told that this discount has never happened before and may never happen again, so you better JUMP on it!]

The 25% off was originally only going to be available to the participants of the #TeamSparkle Virtual 5K, but AMAZING Amy (or at least that's what her official name should be) has been gracious enough to open it up to ANYONE who uses my link during that time frame.

These pieces make GREAT gifts (for yourself, your running friends, your workout crew, your sorority sisters, your CrossFit community, and even your mom - because in case you forgot, Mother's Day is right around the corner!)! With plenty of "standard" sayings to choose from, there is something for everyone. Another one of the great thing about Momentum is you always have the option to customize your jewelry as well! Make it your own (my next order will probably include custom "ROCKSTAR")!

Place your order today and wear a little extra motivation around with you wherever you go (because, I mean, honestly, who couldn't use their own personal cheerleader?!).

What would your personalized piece say?


KookyRunner said...

Congratulations! They could not have picked a better person to help represent the brand!

Renae said...

YAY ordered some!!! Thanks for the link!

sara said...

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