Friday, April 24, 2015

Final Double Digit Run Before Eugene

It seemed only fitting that for my final double digit run before the Eugene Marathon, Mother Nature decided to open the sky and let a little rain appear (seeing as Shelby sends soggy shots of her wet runs what seems to be every week or so).


Other than the rain, it was a pretty relaxed run. I kept the pace a little under 9 minutes/ mile, which felt totally manageable.

The snow plovers!

12 DONE!

I wore my new Athleta skirt for the run and it worked GREAT! The skirt didn't bunch between my legs, the shorts stayed put (thanks to the non-skid "rubber band" in the fabric), I didn't have any strange rubbing or chaffing, and the bangin' color helped brighten up the grey day. [If you are interested in one of your own, you can order it here, although it looks like the florescent yellow color is no longer available online.]

Today's mantra came from my tank: Embrace the Hill. Embrace the Weather. Embrace the Run. Embrace IT ALL. I just kept repeating it the entire run. You never know what the route, the day, the run will bring - we need to embrace every step as a gift and run accordingly! [And PS if you want your own Embrace the Hill or other amazing gear - check out RunFarShop]

And now it is time to give my legs a little rest before the race... Holy crapoly, how is it only two weeks away now?!

Do you enjoy running in the rain?


Unknown said...

I love running in the rain...well when it's kind of raining, not really down pouring. :) Love those socks!!

Kc said...

I do like running in the rain as long as I'm dresses appropriately! I agree that it makes me feel more badass ;)

Enjoy the taper (ha!) and good luck lady!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention girl! That skirt is awesome!

Kathleen said...

I used to do my miles in the rain when I lived in NY. I even have waterproof shoes! I use them to run at the beach now. Love the shirt!