Saturday, February 21, 2015

Visitors Just Keep On Comin'

Living in such a beautiful place (and having such sunny personalities ourselves, hehe), it is no wonder we have people that want to come visit! I mentioned last week that my dad was out (check out the post here about his visit while he was in San Diego for a conference) and this week Ryan's sister, her husband, and their two oldest boys were up in Newport from Michigan (trying to escape the below zero temperatures, but who can blame them?!).

I thought I would post some pictures from some of the adventures we had with them while they were here. They flew in on Saturday and had to head back to the frozen tundra today.

Sunday we drove up to Newport to hang out with them for a bit. We started off at Crystal Cove State Park and ended up over at their hotel pool for a while.

Leave only footprints, take only memories (and maybe a couple pictures)!

Looking for dragons in the caves!
PS You know it is bad when "ginger" Ryan looks tanner than these two! The winter has been harsh in Michigan!

Not too shabby!

The rocks were pretty slick, but we saw a ton of hermit crabs and some sea slugs.

Group shot!

What boy doesn't love climbing rocks?!

Scaling the walls

Uncle Ryan trying to keep a watchful eye on the nephews

Mother Son shot!

Barnacle Bill!

Getting ready to head to the pool with their tinted goggles

Tuesday they came down to Legoland (and the boys LOVED it). Since Ryan and I were both working (and have you seen the ticket prices?!), we decided to meet up after they left the park. They came over to our place for dinner, lego building and a little Wii playing.

Thursday night after Ryan got off work we jumped in the car and made our way up to Buena Park to meet them at Medieval Times. I had never been before and it had been about 6 or so years since Ryan went so it was a fun time.

Our knight was the Black and White Knight, so we got white flags to fly for him!

Dinner AND a Tournament?! Lucky us!

You gotta get into it, right?!

Someone wasn't too impressed with Uncle Ryan's silly face...

There's our knight!

He even threw me a flower during the show! 

Dragon's blood (aka tomato soup) during the show

The king and knights

This was the falcon trainer!

The falcon flew all around the arena, it was actually pretty freaky how close it got to us!

The vegetarian option was a three bean stew - pretty yummy!

I guess the buzzard tasted like chicken...


PS It is pretty sweet when Medieval Times tweets out your picture ;)

Yesterday afternoon they made their way down to Oceanside. We hung out at the beach for a while then went to grab some dinner and finished the night at the Vans store picking out some new shoes for the boys (Ryan gets a discount since the parent company that opens Reef also owns Vans).

Not too bad for "winter", eh?

Under the pier

Yes, 60s and overcast is chilly to us!

It was a ton of fun having them out (especially since we hadn't seen them {other than Facetime} since Christmas of 2013). It always seems like the time goes by too quickly, but we are already planning our next trip together!!

Do you have visitors often?

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