Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Camping In Malibu

Ryan and I (along with Walt the Wiener Dog) went up to Malibu on Friday. We had booked a camp site a couple weeks ago at Leo Carrillo State Park, so after Ryan got off work we made our way up the coast.

We got up to the campgrounds Friday afternoon around 3:30pm. We set up our little spot and then decided to head to the beach to catch the sunset. We even got a little rainbow before the sun went down!

Walt does a lot of maxin' and relaxin' while we set up...

Not sure if I have shown the build out before... Here is a little idea of what it looks like.

A view from the cab into the bed of the truck (complete with foam, camp pads, and sleeping bags)

Saw this on our walk over to the beach


Beautiful, right?!

We love our self timer!

Ryan was able to catch some of the amazing color in the sunset (no filters added)
Sometimes the birds fly by at the perfect time

Wispy clouds are some of my favorites!

Sometimes it looks like the sky is on fire

Ryan quickly realized that after he washed all of our camping cookware last trip he didn't put it back in our camp box... So we had to do a bit of improvising. Ryan ended up boiling water for his coffee in his old Arizona Tea can, he used my Arizona can as a "spoon" for the eggs, and we used Frisbees for plates... It's always an adventure with us!

Gotta do whatcha gotta do... 

Roughin' it ;)

Soy sausage on a frisbee? YUP!

We were able to test out some of our new camping gear! Ryan's hammock worked great (and we found that Walt loves to snuggle in it by himself - must be like a little cocoon), our cast iron skillet and pie press worked suburb (after we burnt three sets of monkey balls trying to find out how best to use it), and the hot dog/ marshmallow sticks were winners (they even have a little spinner part by your thumb so you can rotate the stick like a rotisserie!).

Testing out one of the his Christmas gifts!

When I went to get s'more goodies they only have normal sized STRAWBERRY
marshmallows (for Valentine's Day I guess) or GIANT normal flavored. This was
 just HALF of a mallow... 

Not sure why the color looks purple, it's more of a grey color

The only time Walt likes to cuddle with me is when we are camping...

Saturday we went over to hike the Hollywood sign. It was a little over 4 miles round trip, and we had to slow down a bit for little dachshund legs, but it was still a nice hike. We made sure to get a few pictures once we made it up (I mean, if you don't document it with a photo it didn't happen, right?!).

The bottom portion of the trail allows for horses (so watch where you step...)

Walt didn't like the "big dogs"

Not sure if you can see through the smog, but that is downtown LA in the distance...


Maybe we should have brought the tripod so the camera wasn't sitting on the ground... 

Took us more tries than I would like to admit to get a jumping shot...

This one looks higher but my arm is covering the D... 

It is tough hiking with those mini legs ;)

I think Walt might look stoned in this picture, but man he looks happy too!

I guess my watch wanted to let the world see its shine too ;)

Ryan likes to shoot in black and white sometimes.

Smokey the Bear says "YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!"

Hollywoodland sign on one of the arches near where we parked

Not too bad for all the picture breaks and sniff stops...

Saturday afternoon Ryan did a little surfing at the county line (LA and Ventura counties), while Walt and I watched on (well, I watched and Walt barked at the surfers and wanted to chase the birds).

Not too shabby of a place to watch the hubby surf!

Another evening called for another sunset! We were even able to watch a whale for a bit. He was maybe 50 yards away from us in the water. He was blowing air/ water out of his blowhole and even breached once! It was pretty AMAZING!

Trying to get a "nice" shot

Um... I guess we moved into WEIRD...

As Ryan was going to get the camera it just kept taking more pictures!

Alright, maybe this one was the best out of the bunch...

Let your freak flag fly!

Ryan saw me take a picture through the twigs so then had to copy me ;)

Even though we didn't have clouds for this sunset, the colors were AMAZING!

Sunday morning we packed up and made our way back down to Oceanside (we had lots of laundry to do before we could go watch the Super Bowl with friends). It was a great little campsite. We were actually surprised at how many people were up there for it being in the winter season.

The McDots and our Adventure Mobile

We didn't have cell reception for most of the weekend, but somehow I managed to register for my fourth marathon while we were camping (oops!)...

Do you enjoy camping?


Carson said...

So much fun! I don't love LOVE comping, but my husband really enjoys it so I tolerate it for him. When we go, we tent camp. Talk about roughing it!

The Silent Assassin said...

Action shots or video? I video and screenshot.

Dennis L. Ward said...

I live just above this beach, and I love it so much. It's a great place to pass quality time. Your photos are looks so gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Large tents -- big enough to stand up in -- make changing clothes a helluva lot easier, The Camping Companion, and car camping is the time to deploy them. Bring a chair to set up outside your tent, pack an icy cooler full of beer and groceries, and make yourself at home.

srikanth said...

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