Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Yesterday I did something I haven't done since my 8th grade graduation... I went and got a massage!

A "water feature" from the room I was in

Ryan loves getting massages, but me on the other hand, well, let's just say it's not my jam. With my fibromyalgia, my body is finicky and I'd rather not send it into an episode if I have the choice.
Also, I am cheap frugal and have a hard time spending money on myself (unless it is on race registrations, because, well, I run #AllTheRaces). 

Back in July (yes, 6 months ago) I saw a Living Social deal for a massage and actually bought one for Ryan and myself. Well, who would have guessed, but those deals expire after 6 months, so our massages we're going to run out on Friday! No time like the present for a massage I guess!

Ryan went on his lunch break and then I went in after work. Ryan really enjoyed it (no big surprise there). I thought it was fine. Sure, it was relaxing, but I didn't walk away feeling wow'ed or like I needed to do it frequently (thankfully I also didn't leave in pain like I was slightly worried about)


One surprising thing was that the massage therapist mentioned that I do a great job at relaxing! Shoot doggy, that's awesome to hear (especially since I feel like I am always on the go and probably don't do much relaxing on a regular basis). 

Maybe I need to try a sports massage or something a little more specific if I decide to go again in the future (the massage therapist chuckled when I told her the last time I got a massage was also the first time and it was in 1998). For now, my foam roller will be the only massage I will be getting for a while.

Do you get massages?


Unknown said...

I love to get massages! They are a great "reset" for my body when I am training or logging high mileage. I plan to get a prenantal massage soon, just as a treat :)
Karen @karenlovestorun

Unknown said...

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